it was fun while it lasted

The #Amazonfail broughaha (sic) is over. Too bad a nice little media roller coaster attraction…some big net presence like Google or Amazon or someone, makes a cascading error and the groundswell rises up to collectively chastize them, and by the time it makes the AP wire stories, the vendor has had time to backpeddle and beg for forgiveness, and throw someone under a bus. About 4 different ‘explainations’ have been offered, with the most ludicrously accepted one being some French coder flipped a switch called ‘adult’ from off to on, which smells like day old halibut to me. The 58 thousand books affected had only one thing in commmon… they would not be acceptable reading material in a neo-conservative christian household. Switch glitch be damned.

worth reading • Ian Kahn has an appreciation of the late great librarian Judith F Krug over at Fine Books Blog.

Got to youtube watch Susan Boyle sing….trust me..get a tissue.

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