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DSC00777 AND it’s still coming down. I had to stick my arm out the window in the cellar stairwell to get these. And I have a serious feeling I am going to have to dig my way out the BACK door, just to get to the front door.  And boy o boy am i glad i installed a back door.   The south side of the house has all these snow the one on my porch that is now way over my head.  to be fair, there’s that box underneath with the extra cat litter underneath. I am actually kinda wishing i had bought some of those used snow shoes they were selling down at the gear hub… yes i added them to my list with Mr Heater. Didn’t think i would NEED Snow shoes I figured they were purely a recreation thing.

DSC00776 I can’t reach the snow shovel since the damn storm door opens OUT…but i have a shovel inside the back door…chalk that up to one of my better purchases..along with those 55 gallon wheeled trashcans…love them, you have no idea. there have been squirrels at the feeder almost all day, during the worst of the snow.. i can’t explain it, i suppose they can’t reach their hidden treasures, i refilled it a little from the window, i need to get a cup on a pole set up that can do that better, sometimes more ends up on the ground….snow….when i do that. I will fill it better when the snow stops. I suppose if i didn’t have a feeder they’d be in their nest like they should be. my bad.

backdoor With all this snow, i am actually wondering if i will dig myself out in time to GO to work tomorrow. yeah I know if i can make it to the truck I can get there…i parked the truck close enough to the street where that’s not a problem. But i really should dig out the house, mail, fire, safety and all that jazz.

I was worried about the exhaust for heating system on the north side of the house, i was wondering if i needed to get over to that side and dig it out… I checked on it in the basement and saw that cellar window clear of snow and the steam happily billowing out just like burning money. Also like burning money, I found SNOW in the basement…turns out when i was trying to seal up all the cracks and open areas everywhere i could, i missed a spot BEHIND the panel where the heating system is mounted.  or rather THEY MISSED A SPOT.   If I had to guess, I’d say there never were any cinder blocks there, just cardboard and what i can ONLY HOPE is actual plywood behind it.  I can’t reach too far, so all i could do is cut a strip of pink insulation and jamb it down there as far as possible.  Now I am wondering if i need to hire the plumber to come and take down the panel so i can FIX this entire fiasco.  How the fuck did anyone LIVE IN THIS HOUSE BEFORE?  I swear the house was NOT ATTACHED to the foundation, not in any reasonable sense of the word.  It leaks heat like a goddamn sieve.


Can’t do anything about that until the snow’s gone. I need to filled that entire area with something more solid than pink fluff. right now i am thinking of two by fours, wrapped in mountains of Insulation foam in a can. I shudder to think about how much heat I am losing upstairs with that damn chimney. it’s like having a big snow filled hole right down the center of the house.  THAT’s going to be a problem for next winter.

Actually i keep thinking of what would have happened if i hadn’t added the backdoor on to the house…i’d have to try to crawl out one of the 19″ porch windows fully dressed for winter.  They would find me suffocated to death ass end up – planted face first into a 5 foot snow drift.  God that would make a hell of an  obituary photo.

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