it’s not easy being green

2014-03-22 14.43.25 I accidentally started dieting…i had actually been thinking about it in the back of my head since i decided to move…but with the winter, and the seasonal affective disorder depression and the stress eating, it just didn’t seem worth the fight. I spent a little too much on food this week, because instead of just buying boxes of Life cereal and Digiorno’s Pizza, i invested in some green things that i will actually eat instead of watching it wilt on the bottom of the fridge.

I don’t know why but i woke up the other day wanting to eat Sardines and anchovies…perhaps it is because i have been watching too many old episodes of Bourdain and Alton Brown…but I had a hankering for a proper Caesar salad with anchovies in the dressing – i have sworn off garden salads, they take too long to make and i loathe nearly everything found in one — so some warm homemade croutons, a boiled egg, some bits of dried tomato and a fist full of Parmesan cheese…all salads should have cheese…dressed up with little fishes smashed into some Newman’s Own dressing… I have eaten about four of these salads this week.

I have also loaded up on Avocados and Canned Artichoke hearts, neither are particularly cheap with the Avocados going for a buck and half, and the cans going for 2.50….hey they are GREEN aren’t they? So far the only Sardine recipe i know is Alton Brown’s Sardine on toast to which he adds avocado liberally. Perhaps part of my body wants Omega 3 and it hasn’t told me about it. Apparently sardines no longer gross me out. Which already made NO sense…i have always liked Kippers….and good pickled herring when i can get it. Perhaps my brain was stuck on the cartoon image of Sardines. The anchovies still have no destination aside from dressing but I am working on it.

2014-03-22 22.07.21-1

One of my favorite recipes for artichoke Hearts i read on the internet a few years ago and can’t find it now. It stuck in my head like a tack in my shoe…i had to try it. Mash the artichoke hearts with a little lemon and salt, smear over a piece of toasted french bread, and top with very thin slices of Manchego cheese, which is salty and oily, so a little goes a long way. The recipe makes my mouth water to think of it. and i make it whenever a get the money to buy the Manchego as well as the pricey cans. I sold some more CDs this week and made a trip to the grocery store and bought nearly nothing but items i didn’t need but make life a little richer…capers and ciabatta bread.

Stress eating is something i do when i am depressed…when i am VERY depressed i don’t eat at all. The pendulum has swung… i am losing track of time and am only being reminded to eat when my stomach tells me to. It will be nice to be thinner when i move…and if i am going to diet by accident, i may as well eat stuff that i find stimulating to the tastebuds. The most daring that i have gotten all winter was a jar of Ploughman’s pickle which i pureed to make Cheddar Cheese and Pickle sandwiches…don’t knock it until you try it.

I am planning on doing a lot more exciting cooking when i move, i should have a kitchen with at least a window…and if i get my wish a refrigerator that has room for more than the basics. That’s IF i get the house I want… my friends are encouraging me to hold out for the house I want, after all Location, Location, Location right? But I can see the broker, the lawyer, Himself and Mrs. Himself as well as the new owners all ganging up to get me to give up and get out. Any wonder why i am MORE depressed than i was? All these months I have not been pining away for the house to get sold…i have been counting the days until i could bid on the NEW ONE…as long as i don’t have the new one locked in, i could give a shit about moving…which is going to get complicated since now we are talking about inconveniencing more people than just me.

So i may as well look on the bright side, if i am going to be losing my appetite for food, I may as well enjoy it.

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