it’s not the years it’s the mileage

I saw this book cover online…which lead me to ordering the book…of course it is EXACTLY my kind of reading….what i call mid 20th century light non fiction…there was a serious trend of women’s biography non fiction…that usually centered on someone from the city moving to the country..or still yet ANOTHER country. Over the years I have read everyone i could find…and sadly it seems i sold a lot of them off..i still have a few. I started with Louise Dickinson Rich a new Englander who lived ‘off the grid’ (before the concept was fashionable) with her family…and moved onto women on islands off the west coast, women in lighthouses in maine, women in the woods in michigan, …etc..for the most part these were intellectual women who moved to the boonies because of their husbands work and then kept sane by writing books. They may not be great adventure stories..but they were well written and interesting. I am going to have to put a list together from memory…

This one is about a couple who lived ‘off the grid’ on a beach in Washington..I just adored the over art. so i insisted on finding a hardcover WITH the jacket. I scrolled through bookfinder and amazon…and there were a LOT of copies, mostly a couple of later reprints with different art. And there was the odd first edition and even signed copies..but i didn’t want to spend too too much unless i absolutely adored it. but i found a less than very good well used copy with a tattered dust jacket. As you can see it spent its life in some sort for recreational library usage getting read and reread…which is the kind of book i LIKE to see. This story has been read over and over. well read books…not just beatup books..i mean books that are soft to the touch because they have been read so many time..have a life force…they represent all those people who read the book…who shared the story. I dunno maybe it’s just me, i have MORE affection for a well loved book than i do for an crisp unread copy.

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