it's one of those days with a Y in it.

okay, folks for most of today, i was totally and obliviously convinced that today was tomorrow. right up until the moment when i arrived for a hair cut that was scheduled for the real tomorrow, not the fake tomorrow that i was living in. i was convinced it was friday, i don’t know what convinced me, perhaps torrents of rain or the dark skies, or just that fact that i WANTED it to be friday. so after they cut my gray hair, i was seriously depressed, more so than normal. i had done all my friday errands early and had to go home and do all thursday’s stuff too. so, after i stopped on the side of a 4 lane road and rescued a tortoise from getting squash-you-all-flat, i decided to keep on pretending it was friday. I took myself out for a nice leisurely lunch, did a few more errands, bought a few art supplies and stole an armful of ‘free’ newspapers for the kitten cage. now your friday will be my thursday. come to think of it, it’s not a lot different from my wednesday, but there is usually chinese food on thursday.

birthday boy • 1934 – Wole Soyinka, Nigerian writer, Nobel Prize laureate

worth reading • from Canada’s National Post, we have a nice feature on 40 year veteran antiquarian bookseller David Mason.

cool tools • is up and in beta test, the site provides cost comparisons between five shipping options for your package.

lost n’found• A 20-page pamphlet with a 172-line poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, which has been missing since 1811, has been found.

obits of note
Dorothy Uhnak at 76, mystery writer was inspired by police experience.
Flemish author Hubert Lampo at 85, who was best known for his work The Coming of Joachim Stiller.

blog of note • Scott Brown’s The Fine books and Collections blog has the best piece about old book buying I have read on the net in ages I wish I had it on the bullpen

worth reading • the Guardian has a lovely long piece about one of the extant 230 Shakespeare First Folios, which will be on the block at Sothebys.

banktoaster • is an online museum to . . . wait for it . . . drafting pencils, I kid you not. Boy howdy, do I love the internet.

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