"It's the best there is,"

ugh… the weekend that never ended…aside from another hideous visitation from my brother, the wicked witch of the north shore, I did get a lot accomplished, though I am having trouble remembering most of it or maybe i am just trying to block it all out – i always get those two confused.

I finally managed to get seven crates of nice breakables out of my mother’s apartment and killed enough 10 foot weed trees to fill the back of my truck, these of the kind that appear invisible to everyone else.

I also managed to scrounge up a stack of books to resell. Hold off on the shock and awe, as none of them are monetarily exciting, just valuable enough not to be embarrassed to list online.

However, my family’s packraty-ness finally yielded some karma points. A local food pantry posted a freecycle want for the kind of shelving that a food pantry needs. They can’t get certified AS a food pantry without it, and without the certification they can’t get funding to actually BUY the kind they need. (“that’s some catch, that Catch-22.”) I had a couple of banks of industrial shelving left from my Barnes and Noble stint, and also passed along some very large industrial shipping tables from my brother’s career with Hewlett Packard. That and a few folding tables from the barn made these folks very happy. Maybe they will name a shelf after me.

On the 4th, I splurged and shot 3 rolls of film and ended up with the one frame above that actually made me happy.

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