it's what you read

the weather has broken, it’s pretty sweet outside..from what i can see. we are having a few of those special new england days that cause retrograde amnesia, we forget the rest of our year of weather sucks or can be problematic at best. But it’s a great day to open the windows and dust. well…i have to do it once or twice a year if only to read the spines on the books and keep the cats from writing their names on the coffee table.
I said that so i can say this… surveying the new acquires prior to working them into the bookcases, I can see kinda track my life through all of the books I have purchased in my life. If i learned a new talent or acquired a skill or took a class or even traveled somewhere, i have a book or twelve about it.

If i think this through, perhaps i only develop a new interest JUST to have an excuse to buy and read a bunch of new books to go with it. Even after all the culling and decluttering, i still manage to retain enough of these books to make my case. I don’t have all my college text books but I have at least one from my Major, I still haven’t found anyone willing or desperate enough to hire me as a bartender, but I have some awesome books. Trying to bulk up on birding I have been pulling in what’s available from the library and then buying the ones I really like, ditto for row boating and bicycling.

After all these years of blogging and reading it could be that I have found a nexus where I can justify retaining all these books that are cozily insulating my rooms.

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