…it's what's for dinner

Saturday…slow news day. This is a half of a store bought ball of bread dough, with a couple of tablespoons of bruschetta topping and a handful of shredded mixed cheeses and a chopped up nub of an italian sausage. Baked for 15 minutes at 350º. Total cost about a buck. I need to save money to spend it on booze and riotous living.

It has taken me almost 30 years to figure out how to cook for ONE person. This was a sin and a shame I have always liked to cook. – almost as much as I liked to eat. At some point, I should haven been taught to cook for one. …I don’t mean no one taught me how to cook. Between Julia and Graham on TV and the very nice ladies in Jr High Home economics. I could whip up an entreé for 6 people like nobodys bidness. (we won’t talk about my mother’s cooking) But I left home cooking EVERY meal like there were 6 people setting down – this was helpful during the 5 minutes I was married. – my ex liked my cookin’ a lot, my cooking absofuckinglootely – but not me so much. You see, i used to wanna be martha. He wanted a wife that could change spark plugs, cook rack of lamb and talk politics, I was young,…i was a dope…but i digress.

For the last 15 years I have made it a mission to cook for ONE – without wasting food that could be best sent to starving Africans. I have I think the largest collection of small serving cookbooks in one place, about 70. Cookbooks for 1 or 2 ? I’m your girl. And since now I have basically substituted food for sex, I take great pleasure in cooking something that doesn’t suck and where the leftovers don’t get funneled to the back of the fridge to grow blue fur. So I collect recipes – that sounds more responsible than i have been writing the never ending cookbook .

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