I went a little overboard at walmart today. Yes i have drunk the coolaid and been corrupted by the force. Basically we live in a walmart nation…if there WERE non big box department stores i would patronize them, but all i have is a walmart and a target and i find Target mostly useless. usually i have been using walmart for pet food, i simply need to save the money. today I knocked the cleaning supplies off the grocery list while i was there. i also have been watching too many organizing tv shows. I cleaned out the Salem store of all of these 1.97 canisters. they aren’t high grade or snazzy as a matter of face I replaced some more expensive containers with these. Their appeal lies (if not in their price) in the fact that they are basically SQUARE, and i just can’t afford to waste the room on ROUNDS. I used up 13 2-qrts, and 3 gallon canisters. I am annoyed, i was hoping to have some left for the OFFICE shit too….but i haven’t even started on that room, so i think I may have to make another run to a different Walmart and clean them out too. I think loading them with office supplies will get them out of drawers and up on shelves where i can see what i have. Yeah between the pet food, cleaning supplies, cat litter and getting the dog groomed i have blown through more than half my paycheck. I think I can indulge myself in another dozen of these puppies.

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