this week has been challenging  to say the least. this mishap was thursday..the morning i had to be thirty miles away for training for the summer job. it was the kick in the ass i needed to renew my triple A membership. just in time this morning the spare tire hanger came undone out on the highway, the kid who changed the tire didnt know how to put it back. so it took me two hours to go the 30 miles this morning

two training days down. another on monday then some observations and then hopefully i will have a crapload of work to keep me out of trouble.  that will make three jobs plus the piddling publishing empire. basically after bill paying the money goes into restocking sicpress supplies.  and i will finally hire someone to revamp the website, i just dont have the time to learn what i don’t know. 

everything ive tried to get done this week has blownup in my face, so im taking tomorrow off. im gonna rob my back acct and go to the bookfair. its held practically on my doorstep, i kinda have to.

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