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I am toying with a new blog: Joy of Erasers (I told you I have been high on caffeine) – it’s no where near finished, I am not even sure which direction I want to go in. I do know that I want to feature different ‘types’ of erasers and devise some sort of stress tests for them. Perhaps I need a chart with various graphites and inks to practice on. Hmm feel free to send in any ideas as I think I am coming down off my buzz and may be running on fumes for a while. Anyway. I got this little item in the mail today – and gave it a test drive.

Mitsubishi Boxy Eraser – Black

(4/26) Odd color for an eraser.
I just ordered one of these little black beauties from
I will post a review when it arrives.

review: (5/1) I got 3 Boxys in the mail – 2″ long and ½” square.
They are indeed SOFT as a matter of fact they wear down quickly. They work as well as any white vinyl, but with half as much pressure. I would recommend it for delicate papers, perhaps 19th century wood pulp or onionskin where even the lightest rubber eraser may be too gritty.

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