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My name is joyce and i have an addition . . . well i have a few, most of them involve, foods, dvds and books . . . but the one I have called you all here today to confess is RSS feeds . . . blogs mostly but basically regularly updated sites that are collected and hand fed to me by Google Reader (told you i was their bitch.) A year ago, when I started the Bullpen there were a lot of blogs, but I could find very few about old books and the more sites I cruised the fewer I read, so I started one that I liked. Since then many many fine and clever booksellers have begun blogs and reading them takes up a large part of my surf time. Most of them are on the sidebar – I still have a few more goodies to add. It seems to me that everyone else’s blog is ten times more interesting than mine, and I still don’t know where the find the time. I’m usually stealing it from another project.

Obsession with Food is a great Foodie blog especially if you like reading about food. if you just like LOOKING at food the Foodporn Pool at Flickr has a feed. (i blame that for my other addition)

Book Patrolrequisite, No one would stock War and Peace or Pilgrim’s Progress. sheesh – 50% of all literature would just fade away through attrition.

Fine Books Blog

Speaking of old books, Jeremy Debbel ‘s Philobiblos has a piece about John Quincy Adam’s Mendi Bible popping up in Gov. Deval Patrick’s swearing in.

Mike Goodenough’s Shelf Life at BookGuideUK – is also a stop on the surf train to pick up what the tide washed up.

Ian J. Kahn’s Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis and I usually come down to the wire neck a neck reporting the hottest booknews – But Ian is a lot more cerebral about the event, I’m basically on to the next thing without pausing to digest properly.

Alan Chudnow SF Bookworm’s newest post covers Interactive Map of Science Fiction Bookshops Bookride blog is a good example of how to integrate blogging about a book with SELLING the book.

Sarah’s Books Used and Rare is a marvelous example of using a personal blog to enrich your storefront, connect with people at a distance who wouldn’t normally visit your B&M.

the Ashland Book Company
people do something similar with a homebased store blog.

Madlyn’s Blom’s Old Bag Lady Books n’Stuff Blog also integrates casual blogging with bookselling – keeping personal contact with her customers.

– is good an example of integrating bookselling with personal blogging.has a good post

I started this post 3 days ago – and got overwhelmed. There are a lot of blogs I didn’t mention, most of them are on the sidebar. When I come across one that is consistently worth checking out I add it. I know what you’re thinking, yes I really do. You’re thinking: “I don’t have enough time in the day to read blogs nevermind other people’s blogs.” That is totally true. But very few blogs demand daily attention. Blogs about books and bookselling just aren’t THAT fascinating. Visiting once a week is a good rule of thumb – some blogs even less. Why read blogs? well that’s harder to nail down. Some are interesting, newest news and all that. Some are mildly informative (like the Bullpen), some are entertaining, some don’t offer much more than an exemplar of how to market yourselves in a chatty cracker barrel manner to your clientèle. But even THAT has value. I have said bit before and I will keep on saying it, PERSONALIZATION is the only way to distinguish ourselves from the pack. Cultivate a customer base and keep them interested in your business and you will bui
ld a good reputation and sell some books. Now I have to go, I have more blogs to read through.

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