Jules Verne day

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1600 – the Vatican sentenced scholar Giordano Bruno to death because he taught the Copernican system of the solar system.
1612 – Samuel Butler, English poet and satirist was baptized, his birth must have been within ten days of this event.
1672 – Isaac Newton (not yet a Sir) read the first of his optics papers before the Royal Society in London.
1692 – A doctor in Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony declares that three teenage girls are under domination of Satan, leading to the
1828 – Jules Verne is born (d 1905)
1851 – was born in St Louis (d.1904)
1911 – Elizabeth Bishop, poet, Pulitzer Prize winner (d 1979)
1918 – The Stars and Stripes newspaper was published for the first time.
1926 – Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars opened at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre provoking nationalist riots. The title refers to the Big Dipper, which is also called the Plough.
1926 – is born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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