Julia Misbehaves

Say what you will about Julie Powers lightweight blog being portmanteaued to Julia Child’s final memoir. . . . a certain part of the foodie book buying world has gone gaga for the gourmet.

Her decades old opus on cooking French in an American kitchen is flying off the shelves of new and used bookstores with the kind of aerodynamics reserved only for presidential assassins and dishonored celebrities. This isn’t what’s supposed to happen to old cookbooks, they are supposed to sit their quietly on their shelves gathering dust while new revised editions are churned out; new editions, sans butter, sans fat, sans flavor, sans everything.

worth reading • My friends at Rabelais cookbook store and Portland’s foodie mecca gives a view from the trenches by blogging about the surprise rise of Ms Child’s masterwork. Apparently no one had an inkling this dense work of pork and cream would outstrip the two books from the film.

worth reading • From the New York Times “After 48 Years, Julia Child Has a Big Best Seller, Butter and All”
have an omelet!


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