jumbled sales

Believe it or not I went book shopping today, well I did a bunch a things and that was one of them. I sold a bicycle to a fella in Gloucester, took a tour of an Organ factory, shot some pretty pictures and popped my head into a couple of shops with books.

The White Elephant shop in Essex has some books, unfortunately they aren’t in any order, and their condition is pretty crap. But i never could resist a jumble sale. I bought 5 books, all incredibly underwhelming, cept Louella Parson’s memoir which i bought for the title alone : “the gay illiterate.” Doncha love it?

I popped my head into a place carying about 9 signs that declared it to be a “bookshop” only to pop directly out again. Making it only the second bookshop i have ever left almost immediately; the other is in Portsmouth, the one with the crackpot with the gun. Apparently it only looked like a bookshop but apparently it’s not. I tried to chat up the guy at the door who started lecturing me about how they are the number one sellers on amazon and don’t sell any antiquarian books they don’t even make any money from the shop, it’s just their office, they are really a publisher with this many best sellers and one that’s going to be a documentary yatta yatta yatta yatta…I guess he wanted me to feel grateful and honored that they me in the door. When he threw my card back at me I left. Some of these online sellers should stay online.

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