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Today I pushed out a couple more books that had been in the pipeline…one about Dolly Copp who left her husband after 50 years in the 19th century, saying “Hayes is well enough. But fifty years is long enough for a woman to live with any man.” Good for her. I have been trying to understand Google Analytics, and apparently someone search the term “ex-husband” on this site a few times. I can’t imagine why, perhaps it was my ex.

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And speaking of things i no longer need….i am trying to change my diet, i also have intentions of getting my ass on my bike, how’s that for ambition?  But I had to run out to walmart for cat food and i figured id get a few things for myself…75 dollars later that’s all i got.  some eggs, packets of fish, broccoli, tomatoes, avocado, yogurt, powdered diet water flavoring and if you peek in the corner a small packet of pudding…don’t tell.

I don’t want to lug my fat frame along with all my luggage to a new home. I certainly don’t need the girth I have put on sitting at my desk pushing words around. I will try to do something about that, perhaps if i am busy thinking of other things, it will slip my mind that i have that small packet of pudding in the back of the fridge.

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That’s one of the things my brains is percolating, the number of things i DON’T need to pack and bring with me is longer that the numbers of things i actually do need. I have a nesting GENE in have to fight, actually I have to pull out a mace and beat it into submission quite often. Moving to a new place regardless of where it is, is an ideal excuse to buy all new crap.  Do i need new dishes?  NO, so why did i spent 5 minutes handling the ones at the store?   This is where my rules aren’t helpful, my rule about not buying something new unless i get rid of something old, doesn’t apply, since the lizard brain says…well get rid of the perfectly good mismatched whatever and waste some money buying all new ones.  Hence I need new rules, if it ain’t broke don’t replace it, which the lizard brain doesn’t like because the ones i have presently are unbreakable and even the new ones i was looking at are melamine…remarkable what they are doing with melamine these days..you would swear it was breakable.

The only substantive thing I have done about getting the hell out of dodge is  that i found a home for my truck/ What’s the point of using this 19 year old warhorse for a trade in? they would just make a steel cube out of it.  I got it from one of the rail trial members and I will be giving it to another rail trial member so that it will continue hauling trash off the rail trail as long as it can.    So that’s all good.

Aside from that I have been pulling stuff off the porch and getting it where it is supposed to be… all the rail trail stuff is off to other board members, tools going back into tool boxes etc..   Once the porch is cleared i can use it as a staging area for items I need to get rid of.   Right now there are already several things out there listed on craigslist.  Craigslist and freecycle lookout!, once things go out onto the porch they don’t come back in.   I think i need new trash cans.


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