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The ear got me dismissed from jury duty today…but strangely i think it is getting better…i stopped taking the decongestants i think they were making it worse. but seriously they didn’t need me, they had like 50 people for 12 spots – because i didn’t fulfill that civic duty i went and voted which i hadn’t planned on doing this time…i just picked out all the least offensive candidates for local office – the lesser of two evils never hit home so hard.

Yesterday was my twice a month volunteer day at the vet clinic, i may actually try to continue doing thata when i move. it may not be possible, but if i had a dependable vehicle the drive would be worth it. i could use the day to come back and commune with friends and see the cats i am leaving in Goffstown…they aren’t there yet…winter is coming, it is too late to put a winter coat on them and since i’m not going anywhere anytime soon, they may as well stay here until spring. The two kittens are doing nicely, i had them fixed so they are sleeping a lot…trust me a picture of two sleeping black kittens looks like a black smudge. I will try to get some shots when they get a little more animated.

photo (4) I have this combination box in mind. basically one box that can be combined in many different ways. right now its just a mental exercise, when i have someplace to bang some wood together i will work out some demo copies. I am still dwelling on the fear of spending too much money on the house and its accessories… another thing i don’t have is a vacuum. that list is getting longer.

While i was poking around the internet i found this AIRBNB – a website where you list rooms or houses for rent, on a night by night basis…which lead me back to that 3 bedroom house on linden…maybe having an extra bedroom will not be all bad. Here’s a guy who bought an apartment JUST to list it on AIRBNB i suppose if you had $50K to invest in a hot spot location it would not be a bad idea… where i’m going i already see a few AIRBNB listings, i wonder how well they do… it doesn’t matter…it would just give me a reason to keep my Guest room as a constantly ready guest room and not let it slide into a storage unit as they are known to.

It wouldn’t cost too much…after the general paint and paper, i’d put in a wooden screen door inside the house to keep the room pet free. A full bed, dresser, tv, table, chair, some shelving all i can get from the flat pack place, and it would give me an excuse for a trundle under the bed for when my friends come with their kids. Then throwing it up on AIRBNB i can make back the investment in the furniture. with just a dozen or so rentals through the leaf peeping season. sounds like a good plan to shoot for. Give me a year to make the house acceptable for company and will be able to create some Bed and Breakfast style photographs. On the downside i will have a few cats and dogs to work around, but if i mount a nice flat screen tv and dvd player in the room and maybe a used mini fridge, i think i will have folks choosing it over something shabby chic.

It’s a nice idea IF i get a house with an extra room, slowly the amount of money i am willing to spend to get a good house is creeping up. and its scaring the shit out of me. I wanted to spend as little as possible, because as the last 10 years have shown, my income fluctutes radically and i don’t want to be stuck with an empty bank account. all reasonable fears.

So i need some rules…i can’t spend money on anything that isn’t going to return its value…the whole house investment along with the photovoltaic energy system, the mini split heat, the tankless water heater, any energy star appliances, if i go to sell the house all that is on the positive side…along with any finish work i do on the house. The enconomy is getting better, i think in 10-15 years a solar house will be in huge demand…and i will be ready to downsize again to a low maintenance condo someplace. at least that’s the plan. I had never really planned to live this long so having to make retirement plans is completely weird. But I WANT the 10 years, i want the chickens, and the workbench, and big drooly pittbull. If i tried moving to one of those 50 and over communities before i’m ready, i’d end up buying a weapon of some sort and looking for a bell tower.

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