Just One Damned thing After Another

2015-11-28 08_44_25-Just One Damned ThingI am on my SECOND run through this series by Jodi Taylor...the english writer not the american porn star.   Right now I am doing audio only for fiction so it makes it way easier to just revisit an entire series.

The Chronicles of St Mary’s starting with Just One Damn Thing After Another is a humorous science fiction adventure series in the vein of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next.

As I have described it to anyone who will listen..it’s as if Bridget Jones and Thursday Next had a baby and left it on Connie Willis’s doorstep to raise.   The series, told in the first person  a la Bridget Jones is very tea-swillingly British, the St Mary’s folks are a collegiate bunch running hell bent for leather through history with some romance, sex, betrayal and dinosaurs all mashed together like Oreo-cookie flavored ice cream.   It has all the best features of all the series I loved, and a timeless element that doesn’t tie it down to any one era.  I can see myself rereading these quite often.

The books…six so far since 2013….are from what is apparently a print on demand publisher. I have been buying the Kindle version allowing me to add the audio for a pittance making my outlay very small.  I am hoping that the author is probably getting a little more than she would from a trade publisher.  I feel I must proselytize about this series because I am getting way way way more enjoyment from it,  than I feel I have rightly paid for.

What I do feel bad is that I don’t yet own hard copies of these books. I tell people I buy a lot on Amazon but I don’t buy books…but I am kinda excluding audio versions.  After downsizing so much these last few years I don’t BUY very many hardcopies but when I find a book I really want, I use the search engine bookfinder.com and find a REAL bookseller who has a copy of it.  Especially since I am particular about the actual editions I want to buy, and you can’t be all that particular when buying from Amazon.

51iqvRSqojL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_My normal procedure would be to acquire a ‘NICE’ shelf copy, a First edition or an ARC of any books that I really love. I have those of The Martian and Ready Player One and Silver Pigs and Eyre Affair and so forth…. but the publisher being what it is, the books are not attractive, there’s no 1st edition, there’s no ARC and the cover art of the paper edition is FUGLY…let me reiterate ….very FUGLY, and I really just don’t want to dedicate a half a shelf to books i won’t open and don’t enjoy looking at. < so sad >

I really don’t understand why a trade publisher hasn’t come knocking on Ms. Taylor’s door, these books are as enjoyable AS the Thursday Next series and  IMHO I like them way way better than Harry Potter.  The author has created an entire universe, with time travel pods, lunch ladies, bad smells , romance, betrayal, sex and dinosaurs.  It would make a kick ass Doctor Whovian television series.

One really excellent marketing device is that the author issues free short stories …so for every book there is a free short story that occurs IN BETWEEN..except for the last one which was numbered 0.5 and was technically novella length.

The series is most definitely a genre mashup.  Not as technically detailed as a Michael Crichton’s TimeLine, though every bit as detail oriented as a J K Rowling that inspires you to curl up with a cuppa and a chocolate frog,  I am calling it  time travel adventure cozy. And I am recommending them wholeheartedly.


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