Just say no

I answered the phone after 10pm -shouldn’t ever do that, never ever do that, it’s never good news. I’m half asleep some say we need your help and 20 mins later I have a huge pittbull puppy ruining my life.

That’s what happens with these excess dogs they end up passed around from hand to hand completely blank, not knowing what they are for or what anyone wants of them. Unfortunately despite all the favors I have ever done for other people or groups I haven’t found anyone to take it off my hands. It’s probably going to end up at the local MSPCA which I despise. They are NOT a no kill and I have no guarantee they won’t decide they have too many of whatever he is. But he can’t stay here, he’s fine with the cats and other dogs but he’s stupid I can’t handle stupid not without a harness and possibly a hernia.

I have learned my lesson no more dog rescues and certainly no more answering the phone late at night, so if you need bail or a body disposal text me.

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