justifiable expenses

i am starting to count down the number of days i have left to potentially SUB….about 50 something days left of school i think …. i can’t imagine how many teachers would call in sick in JUNE of all days. But the US Census Bureau sent me a large packet of paperwork to fill out. I gotta get that in for friday they i can hope for some hours on the gov’ts bartab. as broke as i have been i got a large lumpsum for some online work, after paying all the bills at hand, i pissed away a goodly portion at the dollar store, walmart and the generic grocery store. nearly everything was pet food and lunch related…and a few odds and ends for the long term food storage closet …..which was one of the better ideas i have ever had..expanding it is on my todo list…. being able to walk over and pull a bottle of shampoo off the shelf instead of going to the store for a bottle plus whatever i didnt intend to buy it infinitely more convenient and cheaper…don’t get me wrong…i’m not talking about one of those extreme couponer stockpiles…which i personally can’t see any different from hoarding..you don’t NEED all that shit…. but basically putting a duplicate or two of something i regularly use, works very well for someone like me who never knows from whence the next check will come. if i could only manage to keep a stock pile of petfood i’d be in great shape. So i found my 2013 project… 2012 was to get rid of 50% of everything i own..which isnt really measureable..but i think i have made a really great stab at it. by this time in 2014 i want to have a duplicate of all my consumables in the cupboard and hopefully at least a week’s worth of cat food. hey…its good to have a goal.


Among the stuff i bought this weekend was the Ottebox Defender case for the Kindle Fire…i have been intending to but it since i got the Kindle but i was having a seriously hard time trying to put together the $70 NOT to mention rationalizing the expense. But since i ordered it and now that i have my kindle nestled inside i wish i had done it sooner. My friend the vet JUST bought her Ipad a Defender case…i had told her about it from day one…and she made due with the flimsy case which doesn’t prodide much protection..none of them do actually…the fucking things are designed to shatter on impact..FOR A REASON..and she ended up breaking her ipad three times in 2 weeks. Once i discovered the 1st minute scratch on the Kindle Fire i have been afraid to use it..its spending most of its time wrapped up..now that it’s armored I expect to be using it more.

Another thing i will be using more it the iphone…i FINALLY found an inventory program that doesn’t suck and i can actually use for what i need done. Unfortunately it was $9 which is really expensive for an iphone app. Stock Control app lets you add new fields as well as EXPORT the data as CSV etc…so far it’s quite useful. One of the things I have been meaning to do is add a barcode to the products I carry so that i can use the phone for inventory control….so i found a free online barcode generator that lets me create barcodes for internal use. Now i just need another paycheck to restock some of the products i purport to sell eh.

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