karma calling

i promised myself i wasn’t gonna do this…but then i woke up this morning without much choice…i am walking around with the same dollar bill in my jeans for like a week now.

I have been a ‘cat lady’ for about 12 years now. I began working with Merrimack River Feline Rescue about that time. They are very large and well monied rescue group, but three years ago they stopped servicing my community.

So, a group of us split off to form our own local rescue group: Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley, which services the nine surrounding towns. For three years we have been diligently rattling the begging bowl at every opportunity. This is our worst year ever, more cats being rescued and fewer adoptions, people are getting evicted and leaving the cats IN empty apartments and just chucking them outside to have kittens under sheds. No lie, Animal Control is a button on my phone, they call ME at least once a week to rescue healthy abandoned cats.

This year our group’s leader moved away, donations have dried up and our volunteer numbers are dropping like the Dow on monday. However the numbers of animals do not diminish. And just to throw some gas on this fire, last week, Freddie, the little guy with the fish and his mother test positive for Feline Leukemia, which is incurable and highly infectious. They have also infected my sewing buddy Winkle.

I am running up quite tab with the vet, and I have to turn my bathroom into a Luk-pos quarantine zone. With proper care, they can have a very good quality of life for several years.

If you have a few pennies that aren’t already being wasted frivolously on food and heat. We would certainly use it wisely.

You can donate to ARMV directly (tax deductable)


If you want to donate directly to Freddie or Winkle’s care:

Either way, thank you for your good wishes, I don’t like being this forward, but some things aren’t always optional.

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