keeping up with the jonesing

 I am jonesing for a new camera. Well to be truthful my Finepix has a little problem with the LED screen; It’s not unusuable just wonky. I seem to go through digital cameras every 2 or 3 years anyway. Now i will two have Fuji Finepix in a drawer needing repairs. I will have to make a point of mailing them to Fuji for fixing. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to fix one of both of these than to buy a new one? THE Canon G12 is less than $400 these days…..well YEAH it would be cheaper..but i actually WANT a smaller digital camera. Not that I don’t love my Iphone, but it’s not a’s sort of a mock camera. if you are TRYING to take pictures with it your good to go, but if you want to take pictures on the fly, you get a mixed bag of underexposures and non-autofocus. Basically i used the word ‘Jonesing’ because i have had my eye on it for a while, but i need to actually spend some effort on padding out my  rationalization list. (advice when you are poor don’t hang out with richer folks cause it just makes you want the things they already got)

So basically this is at the top of my Amazon Wish List these days, and regardless of what other items i NEED to pay for this bugger haunts my dreams.   I have a project coming up with one of my jobs and it will involve a hell of a lot of photography so G12 here is floating to the surface of the pond.  So you heard it here first…for the next two weeks, no more pre-christmas toys, or selfbirthday gifting, no more oh good i can’t believe i am saying this…no more take away dinners and bottles of christmas cheer.  starting……..NOW.

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