keys to the kingdom

I made the mistake of cleaning my laptop keyboard with alcohol and a paintbrush…because the ‘E’ was sticking…but then after cleaning…three keys stopped working i am rethinking my decision. This is just the latest in a long line of laptops and laptop keyboards…i go through PC keyboards about one every 18 months…and laptop keyboards about the same. I dunno if it’s how hard or fast i type or is this normal. Luckily PC keyboards are cheap as dirt. Replacement Laptop Keyboards are also cheap…it helps to be driving old crapped out laptops, with a hinge held together with Gorilla Tape….I bough the one above from ebay for $11…i didn’t realize the B key was missing.. i dont’ know why i didn’t notice…i think it is because i had stacked up a half dozen ebay listings to choose from and picked the cheapest…but I STILL had a working B key on the laptop, so i asked them to just move the key.

I dropped my laptop at a local fix it shop…and the GUESTIMATE they have me was $65 for the labor…not so cheap…i am kicking myself for not LEARNING how to replace my own keyboards. From what i know about the process and myself, until i have practiced on a few DEAD machines…were i to try fixing my own, i’d only have to pay these guys to fix my fix, if you know what i mean. So i decided to bite the bullet and pay the $65. Now i just have to find something around the house i can sell to raise the $65.

And YES I NEED TWO MACHINES. I am not a spring chicken anymore…i can sit at this machine for about 8 or 9 hours…then i have to get up and move to another chair where i use the laptop for another 6 hours or so. Ideally i’d like a sort of a barkalounger set up with the keyboard and monitor at an adjustable height..then my fat ass would grow to accommodate the chair eventualy merging with the chair itself. would have a mini fridge under the seat..and cupholders…

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