Sorry i stopped that last post mid-thought –

I did managed to cobble together a Kindle version of Book Repair for Booksellers. Which sparked an interesting debate on the subject of whether booksellers should be promoting Kindle sales or most accurately whether sites and lists that sell books should Ban their sales.

I have finally decided to call a spade a spade… digital versions of books are NOT BOOKS. lets get that right out there. They are indeed publications; but if it doesn’t walk like a duck or talk like a duck it’s something other than a duck. ergo Kindles are not a threat to books, booksellers or just plain old people who like books.

Kindle books can generously be called documents, they are basically text streams. The words of a book with all the soul stripped out. Would i trade my house full of books for a kindle filled with the same books? hell no. Would i like a kindle..sure if someone gave it to me and i didn’t have to pay for each and every freaking publication i want to download.

It wasn’t hard actually MAKING a kindle document..a little tedious but not hard. simple remove everything from your publication that makes it the least bit visually interesting, and add some internal links so you can maneuver around without scrolling through the entire thing. then add in a few practical external links – upload and voilá.

It may be catching on with the few and the hip, but let’s face it $359.00 to buy a gadget so you can read things on the subway is ridiculous. It is basically a toy from the Sharper Image catalog. Sure it has a practical use, I can see it quite useful for carrying around text manuals for those few times you don’t have access to the internet..or a computer. (wait wait i will try to think of those few times …even airport lounges have wifi – so no..i can’t think of any at the moment) and yes it would be quite helpful in college instead of buying 1200 dollars in text books. but seriously you can write in the margains, or shove a half a ham sandwich in it to hold your place, or throw it at your roommate while they snore…well you could but that would end badly.

It is a propritary device..everything must come from Amazon and you mus pay whatever amazon’s price is for the document you want to read. and you can’t resell or even give away the book once you have read it. oh yeah if you lose or break your device, you are in a word ‘fucked’ sure you can buy another one and are free to download everything all over again – but seriously when is the last time you dropped a book and you broke it past the point of usablility?

That being said, i think offering a publication in a kindle format is a courtesy for the few people that want one. So far I have sold a grand total of two for a profit of $12. I dont’ expect many downloads over all, my particular title doesn’t have a wide appeal such as a trashy best seller.

Speaking of trashy paperbacks.. the biggest reason i have heard my ‘friends’ say they liked the kindle is just that – to avoid carrying books on vacation. pehaps i am odd, but i rarely TAKE more than one book with me when i travel…not that i won’t read while traveling…but newsflash there are books EVERYWHERE, so i always end up buying something whereevery i am. and i always come home with more. Even if i buy or find a book in a bus station…reading or owning THAT book will always conjure up images of the trip.

i distinctly remember reading I, Claudia from Marilyn Todd cover to cover on my last flight across country. it was a cattle car Southwest flight and burying mu nose for the entire flight was heaven. if i had a kindle in my lap i probably wouldn’t have that memory.

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