kitten on the keys

well, i’m more of a gorilla on the keys..people are shocked when i tell them i buy a new keyboard every 18-24 months…sometimes i beat up the keys, sometimes an animal pukes on them..but in the last 20 years of computer use i have NO idea how many keyboards i have had. To me they are a disposable item…(unlike my trackball mice which need $45 in repairs) This last time i did something dopey…well, understandably so, instead of going to a big box store and buying the $10 keyboards that i find satisfactory, i bought a $10 used HP from the computer repair shop and i am finding it wonky..or hard to get used to, so i picked up a used $4 one from the thrift store and found that one impossible. The explanation is that these are the keyboards with EXTRA specialty keys, where even though the keys work, all the ones on the periphery really need the driver and you really need to want those keys to have those keyboards….yeah that made no sense to me either…basically it’s is extra keys for the sake of extra keys and they just get in the way.

The last time i got a keyboard the 1st thing I did was pry off the CAPLOCK and the SLEEP keys and toss them. this one i am using today even has a SOUND off key which i would pry off too. I said fuck it, and went to amazon and ordered a $10 NEW basic basic 104 key keyboard and that should get here soon. Then i will proceed to prying off the keys that cause me grief.

As lovely as having lots of extra programmable keys is, they are wasted on me…my fingers know where all the keys are that i want to use.

So basically i wasted $14 learning a lesson…to be fair to myself i needed a keyboard THAT moment, I should have just gone straight to a big box store like walmart. but i’m a big dope and figured i’d rather give my $10 to the local vendor – he just didn’t have the cheap ass 104 keyboard for $10 because it doesn’t give him enough profit margin. damn.

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