kitten sling

I had some fleece leftover and was still in a creative mood.

I needed a sling to help me socialize the kittens. One which allowed me to use both hands to work while they slept, yet kept them close enough to my chest so they could hear my breathing and heart beat.

I tried to keep the instructions as minimal as possible. One could even use a beach towel and safety pins.


50″ x 26″ piece of polyester fleece. If the 50″ is not long enough to wear comfortably use longer or add straps and buckles. (I hemmed the cut end with a zig zag stitch)


Fold the bottom 8″ up lengthwise.


and fold the top 4″ down, overlapping the bottom edge.
This will make a very long envelope pocket, giving the most room without ‘escape routes’.


Sew down either end giving a sort of enchilada effect.

sling pinning ends

Connect both ends to each other. I used safety pins because I found the 50″ length comfortable.


Insert kitten.

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