knives get me hot . . .

. . . but not in the way that those fancy 2 foot long over decorated hunting knives make people go all gooey. I do like a good handy work tool. I have been carrying a pocket knife for over 25 years and can’t even imagine getting dressed without one.

Today I nipped down to the knife maker to pick up some of. Who knew it was made locally?

While I was there poking around I found an ideal general book repair knife. Doncha love it when you find something you didn’t know you wanted? An all purpose craft knife, I have christened it the “Book Repair Knife.” Granted it is not as lovely as those very expensive Sheffield bookbinding blades in my top drawer that I hardly ever use. But as a general all around book work tool it is so far proving to be super nifty deluxe.

The traditional longer handled ‘bookbinding’ knives are great for leather work, especially for folks who wield them confidently all the time. But I found a short handle gives better control over the blade, especially in tight spots, like trying to wiggle a leftover page stub out from the gutter so I can lay in a new one. And the squared tip? a godsend. Can I have a nickel please for every time I poked a hole in something I shouldn’t have because I was using a blade with a point? With a good knife and a whetstone I can rule the world….well okay maybe just my corner of it.

hee hee – i’m gonna go play with my new blade…hee hee….

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