knock wood

I’m trying to remain very calm right now…i wish i had reached the point where i was finding this sort of thing funny. Remember when they closed on the house and i signed all those papers…and then i had to wait 3 days to get paid? Well they were supposed to pay the gas bill…and they were supposed to pay my june rent out of all that…it took 3 weeks for the gas bill to get paid…and apparently they didnt’ pay my June rent at all. So I got an eviction notice this morning for non payment of rent. Which of course meant I had to make a bunch of phone calls to figure out that it was of course MY FAULT because I believed what i was actually being told. Why is everything always MY FUCKING FAULT? So eventually the gas bill got paid… it would have gotten paid on the 1st day, if they had just LET ME BLOODY HANDLE IT….and I had it put back in my name and back dated to the 1st of June because i am a kinder gentler person than my money grubbing sister in law…And Since the three idiot lawyers couldn’t handle it, I just mailed my June rent with my July rent. I haven’t had to actually use a paper check in a very long time, so lets hope the Postal Service doesn’t fuck up their end of the process. They also tried the letter from the constable/late notice trick on the poor girl on the top floor, who had PAID her rent using my brother’s physical dropbox inside the house before the house changed hands. I just ripped the box off the wall to get her check back to her.

Meanwhile I did a bad thing…..while i was stressing about spending money frivolously on food and products, I peaked at my bank account and realized i actually hadn’t spent as much as I had imagined…so what did i do? i bought another stack of used dvds…(i know…it’s like i am replacing the ones i sold off when i was very very poor) and drove 30 miles, to take a friend out for a big chinese dinner. Yeah, but idea of living on the edge right? I am trying NOT to feel guilty everytime i order a shipment of product…even my friends are telling me to relax. I must be very relaxed, i’m sleeping a lot more soundly. That’s supposed to be a good thing right?

The gas mileage on the truck is still a bother. I am trying to keep my errands clustered just as i have always done with the beater truck, but some days get eaten up just trying to get errands done. Today I need to go insure and register the new truck AND go to the laundromat, etc.. but i know that will just eat my afternoon. i got spoiled living the life of an agoraphobe – having everything delivered and never going anywhere I got used to spending very little on gas…and well…spending very little. I need to mentally get back to that stage – So yesterday, I stocked up on catfood and some of the groceries that i would normally need to go out for. If i can get the errands down to a couple of times a week, the ‘beast with the big tank’, will be muzzled. it sounds extreme…but for example…i was ordering all the cabling for the new camera and tv and disc player, and the chargers to be able to connect things to the truck etc.. and the cost was mounting up…but to find the correct cable to connect the videocamera to the computer…i ended up driving to three different stores in two towns…by then i WISH i had just ordered that one online as well. as spend thrift as it sounds, choosing to have stuff delivered overing going out and hunting it down, will certainly be cheaper for me anyway. And when i feel guilt I can rewap it and send it i did with the polarizer filter attachment for the camera. It is really for location shooting but since i am spending the summer sitting at my desk, I don’t really have to worry about glare do it?

This was my latest attempt at a how to video. the new camera has excellent image quality, though it didn’t come with the remote…another thing i had to reorder online..but my editing is wonky. I had forgotten how to film and narrate at the same time. Usually my house is too loud to narrate, there’s always someone scratching at a door, I ended up locking the dog in the bedroom – or walking across the desk. The kid working on the website is going great guns…i need to get my shit together and get more images to him and i know i won’t get more videos done… i still don’t have a workspace and all my tools are packed. One of the myraid of reasons i want to move is to have a permanent workspace again. In order to get a little more space, I am giving up my dresser from the bedroom and may be sending my reading chair out to get reskinned. This will give me more room for more cat free shelves for the products. and hopefully a little more room to leave the video lighting set up. knock wood.

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