kodak vest pocket autograph

Okay, she came in the mail today and she’s no great beauty – but i think that’s what i wanted.

The electrical tape and the safety pin were my additions. the 1st thing I did was take her apart and clean her. It wasn’t all that hard. Everything unscrews – and she is missing a screw on her faceplace – you can see the offset faceplate in the other picture. I think i should be able to get one at a watch place. there are two chips on the film door that SHOULDN’T leak light, but just to be safe I put tape on them and the winding key is missing from the take up reel, so i put a safety pin on it. another think missing is the stylus from the rear, you are supposed to be able to scratch a label on the images – but that doesn’t interest me. The bellows is in REALLY good shape and the shutter works smoothly. I should be able to get some images from it.

Anyway, it’s nice to play with a 90 year old camera. I loaded some b/w 127 film in it, but i need to figure out how many turns per frame. I should get 8 frames from a roll.

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