Last Call Bibliophile Essay Contest

Last Call – done or undone, get them in folks.

• 250-500 original words on any bookselling topic : why you want to be a bookseller when you grow up, why you like being a bookseller, why a brick and mortar store is better than an online store, why being a bookseller is better than being a fireman etc . . .etc . . .
• essay must not have appeared elsewhere
• entrant must include contact information
• email to

DEADLINE. April 30th.

JUDGING. All reasonable entries will be posted to the Bullpen as they arrive. Judging will be completely arbitrary depending on my whim and reader responses. I may not like something and if enough readers do that will count much more.

PRIZE. The winner gets a copy of ‘Book Shops, how to run them’ by Ruth Brown Park. Doran & co. 1929.

DOOR PRIZES. All the entrants will get something just for entering, I have collected up what I think are enough prizes to choose from.

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