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shutters72 I spent a few days sitting in my little ‘conning tower’ of an office – the shutters are a new addition. They dont’ exactly fit, i had to duct tape them up a little. But since after Wednesday i am no longer the concierge of this tight little island, i will officially not care what goes on outside the windows. Well we know that’s not entirely true, but it seemed a good idea none the less. Especially since I want to swap this room with the bedroom, and once the bed is here, i will want the shutters. The other room will make a bigger office and i won’t have to run around to locations in three rooms to fill one order. I am really liking the shutters now…wish i had remembered they were in the garage before…i can see out but they can’t see in.

2014-05-11 17.11.12I took an entire day to enter all the national lampoons on Amazon at about $5 each…i am sensing this have been a mistake. Not spending the time..the time i got. But they aren’t rare or desirable, and just to ship each one, you have to have a polybag and a jiffy bag and some cardstock and tape… i am thinking now that there have to be easier ways of making $3. But i am willing to give it a shot – if they don’t start selling by the time i move, i will put them in the recycling bin. When i have more cash I will box up the rest of my office, not in cardboard but in more clear plastic bins. I’m starting to like the plastic bins a lot more than i thought. The Lampoons and most of the other things I have for sale are in plastic bins, so i can find them IF they sell. And I think that will work out nicely for a lot of the other stuff I don’t use everyday, but may have to find before i actually get the hell out of here. And no, nothing has changed. I still have no idea what’s going to happen the day after Wednesday. It will be the 1st day of my life since i was a teenager my name isn’t on a deed for a piece of property. Scary stuff – but i will have some money in the bank. Besides if they want to evict me, that may actually take them a while.

Yesterday was wash all the floors day…ugh… in my next house..linoleum! – and today was wash all the textiles…the cat beds and bed linens etc..I may end up laundering some clothes before Wednesday, but basically it was me saying goodbye to my laundry room. And remembering why I didn’t want to give up that room to my brother before…and also reminding me how much i hate this place and want to be gone. In theory the new owners will be putting in a laundry…i am assuming it will be coin operated… they are not going to be especially pleased with my intermittent cat laundry i am sure.

magicchefSo I went down the rabbit hole looking at apartment sized washing machines and found that Magic Chef 1.6 Portable Washer doesn’t suck and only costs $299 that along with a Haier 2.6 Dryer for about $300 should be exactly what i need. And I am not thinking of JUST the months I am here, but I’m actually thinking that’s all i really need anywhere. Granted there is the off occasion i want to wash a quilt..wait a minute..i don’t have any quilts anymore…just some wool blankets and they should fit in there fine. Nope. I think i may sneak these little puppies into my kitchen after all, that’s a lot of quarters I won’t need to spent. See? you CAN solve a lot of your problems by throwing money at them.

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