leaks like a sieve

2014-05-10 14.21.30EGAD I hate plastic bins. Not the functionality, there really isn’t anything that does what plastic does…it’s the aesthetic. I loathe the look of having most of your belongings IN PLASTIC BINS all the time.   For a lot of people it’s really a way to disguise your hoarding. But there was no way around it.  I dropped half the money I had in hand on the cheap flip top bins from Home Depot…not  the best bins, but at $7 each they are ‘fine for now’ bins.  I really wish i could buy some of the industrial grade ones from Uline for $17.  The consumer plastic bins as we all know aren’t designed for WEIGHT and will crack if you look at them funny.  But if i have to keep things in boxes just so that my house doesn’t look like a burst bean bag chair, then they will do just fine.

I used up half of what i bought just getting the porch under control.  Things that will eventually need to be sold, that i just can’t deal with right now…where did i get 30 back issues of National Lampoon? And the box of Stephen King first editions that my brother threw in the dumpster, including a Donald Grant 1st edition of Dark Tower #1...yes, he put it in the dumpster…i KNOW!   I used to give him the ‘new’ Stephen King book for gifts – back when i was trying to buy his affection.

2014-05-11 12.03.04Another thing I hate about this type of container is they aren’t exactly cat proof, or even leak proof etc..unless you tape up the top. Not that they will pee in them but they will sleep on them..it’s just  a given – every flat surface is a bed, every concave surface is a potential litter box.    I will also be binning up the bubble wrap and other supplies – so i went with the see through nesting ones because they were a hair cheaper than the other types…and if I end up with my entire life in these bins, it will add up.

Within a couple of hours the porch was in much more presentable shape… too many non matching cardboard boxes always looks like so much untossed trash to me.  Then I went around and checked all the corners of all the screens for security.  The free mixture of repair methods, makes it look like hell, but it seemed pretty secure.   So I put my feet up for a little while and opened the window with the cat door  which was followed by a mass escape.  Five of my roommates decide that out was better than in.  I still have no clue HOW they got out,  they are fucking magicians.  Basically the  ‘Houdini’  got out and the others thought it was a good idea.    Overnight three of them thought the better of it, and asked to come in through the bedroom window.  the other two peered in and then threw me the cat’s ass- they don’t go far from the sound of a can opener. It’s the Houdinis in the crowd, I want to move up to the wildlife shelter…i should have done it already but i need to send them with a large acclimatization cage which i haven’t bought yet.

Someone had the best idea yet…that i should just build an enclosure with everything non yet cat proof inside of it… i am just not sure how large an enclosure to build…perhaps one with me inside.


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