Learn something new everyday

gee mail • Aside from being a cool free thing, Gmail is quite useful for processing your email anywhere you are. Using it, you can pick up all your email accounts not just Gmail. I don’t delete the other email from the server so I can still download it to Thunderbird later, but Gmail allows me to scan for anything that needs to be answered immediately.

Anyway I have been trying to figure out something NOT blatantly obvious. How to print ONE single email, not an entire thread. I guess Gmail has a thread fetish. There is no LABEL on the Gmail page that says ‘PRINT’ just that PrintAll in the right column. But there is a tiny down arrow on each email which yields a pulldown menu. The only thing you find on that menu you can’t find elsewhere IS the PRINT command. go figure.

Not the most thought out design, but hey, it’s free. Mustn’t bitch.

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