DSCF1091Spring when a woman’s fancy turns to cleaning.  The combination of Red Bull, Extra Strength Excedrin and Claritin may have gotten me through the week, but left me picking  up radio waves in my back teeth.  So I went a little wild with the new stash of chemicals.  A diet of Simple Green, Chlorox Cleanup and  Windex has gotten me through the last few days.  Come spring I throw open the windows, and start clearing out the bat cave. Above is just one of the boxes of stuff under my desk, some from my mother, some from my ersatz grandmother and some pieces are mine from a previous life. The hard part is getting rid of it all, I have donated and donated until I am down to three boxes of breakable memories, and have started offering them to my friends.  And before you ask, no, they aren’t really valuable enough to sell. The internet is flooded with other people’s mother’s stuff, for the 3 to 5 dollars they would net me, I’d rather have the cataloging time and the listing fees back, thank you very much.  I prefer making each item someone else’s problem.  Even if I have to pack em back into the basement in an unmarked box and make them the problems of my brother’s kids.

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