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2013-10-23 11.59.322013-10-22 19.21.09 I am falling behind in my actual work. it’s a vicious circle, i get depressed i slack off, i slack off, i fall behind, i get more depressed….and no lawyer #9 hasn’t called me back, not helping. Himself has spent the last couple of days working on the empty apartment, which keeps me hiding in the house so i don’t run into him. I can’t help wondering why he isn’t AT WORK, and the bitch voice in me is gleefully wondering if he doesn’t have the job he used to have…the other voice is saying that’s all good for me as it makes him more motivated to sell the house. None of it helps….i still have no idea what i am going to do about heat this winter if i can’t find a lawyer to force him to run my bill through the house account. My brother is one of those people who thinks poverty is a deliberate act – if you are in trouble you must have done something to deserve it. he would have had the heat shut off years ago if it was in his power…oh wait…he did in 2008. mutherfucker. i hope he’s out of work..which i doubt. But a girl can dream.

2013-10-22 19.19.31I am puttering, i gave the REX chairs a coat of lemon oil which they sucked up like a sponge, they were very dry, they may need another coat. Using the gluing syringes that I sell, I fixed the leg that was delaminating; it  was an easy fix, you can’t tell. I am not more intrigued with plywood furniture.

The lemon oil changed the color of the chairs from a very dry blonde to that warm yellow it was probably supposed to have.  The layers of plywood made more visible as if the chairs were made of sliced lemon torte.   I am hoping in the new place to veer away from dark words towards the lightest colors possible.  For the last 40 years I have surrounded myself with dark Jacobean colors and I am kinda sick of it.   Once I broke out the Old English scratch covers and lemon oils i have been using the oily rag to try to cover up the damage my life has made to the few pieces of furniture I will be keeping.

2013-10-23 11.59.28

The Cedar Chest is one of the few pieces of furniture I have from Marian, my ersatz grandmother… You can’t tell from the picture but the top of this poor chest is scratched from my roommates, nothing a good sanding won’t cover up.   It sucked up the 1st coat of oil and i will throw on more.   I spent a lot of my twenties refinishing found furniture for my own use but i have since sold it all off except for a small table and chair.   It gives me great pleasure to reclaim something from curbside.  I guess was sick of only having only owned USED furniture but I was disappointed at the lack of quality and excessive price of NEW furniture.   I really don’t want to piss away money needlessly, and for a while there i was delirious  at the thought of a brand new completely first run life.  The house and its needs must come first, and over spending on furnishing it is unwise.  What I don’t spend on the house is what i need to leave in the bank for the future.   It is well worth remembering that i am spending my future when I go window shopping on the internet.    The smell of clean lemon oil on furniture is suitably pleasant…. much akin to NEW CAR SMELL for living rooms.   I think I will stick with second, third and forth hand furniture for the time being.

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