Leprechaun Day*

* now that makes NO sense…why wouldn’t it be held st paddy’s day?

birthday girl

• 1907 – Dame Daphne du Maurier, English author (d. 1989)

birthday boys
• 1937 –
Roger Zelazny, American author (d. 1995)
• 1940 – Bruce Chatwin, British writer (d. 1989)
• 1944 – Armistead Maupin, American author
• 1947 – Stephen R. Donaldson, American author

worth reading • from the NYT a piece on audiobooks by David Kelly

talking head • the Ledger (FL) has an interview with James Patterson

bookstore shuffle • Authors like Philip Pullman and Tracy Chevalier, fear that HMV’s bid to take over Ottkars will make it harder for unknown authors to find shelf space.

worth reading • LONG Feature from the New York Times Magazine by Kevin Kelly about the mass scanning of complete libraries and whether digital technology will replace the printed book. I always feel badly about posting links to NYT pieces for the few of you out there who STILL insist on NOT signing up for free to read what they let us non Select readers read, but THIS is worth signing up for.

something new • NPR interviews Stephen Harrigan about his new novel Challenger Park which explores space travel and adultery .

audio • more from NPR Alan Cheuse reviews new terrorism based thrillers: Alex Berenson’s The Faithful Spy and Robert Baer’s Blow the House Down.

banktoaster • this week’s New York short story by Matthew Klam “Adina, Astrid, Chipewee, Jasmine

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