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2014-02-06 20.48.52I sort of kinda stopped packing..i’m not sure that is wise, i really need to feel i am getting stuff done……but as i discovered with the books, once i have taped a box shut there is a good chance i may have to just open it up again.

I went back to pitching and culling with a vengeance this time. Even stuff i have been sitting on with the intentions of bringing it to the new house: Wicker chairs, a vintage typewriter, some dishes, some suitcases and a lot of cds and DVDS. This is probably my fourth pass at the DVDS, and i am just taking a scythe to them and only ripping movies that i may want to watch again BUT the resolution from a compressed digital version won’t really be noticable…which has kept me busy making digital copies of my movies from the 1930s and previous…that’s a really large part of my collection, well it WAS.

Today I did my annual clothes closet purge….usually i take a pass once or twice a year, and REDONATE anything i bought at thrift shop and haven’t worn, or for the most part, clothes i have worn to a leval that i don’t want to be found dead in it. In the end i emptied about 30 hangers and then donated THEM. I have fallen out of love with plastic hangers, i am kinda of sick of the dents they make in my clothes, and i don’t know about anyone else, but i seem to break a lot of them. I have actually had my eye on culling a LOT of plastic items from the house in general, not just hangers, but containers of all sorts. Aside from the Really Useful Boxes, which to date i haven’t managed to break one, i haven’t added any new plastic items and i’m eliminating them at every chance. Sometimes replacing them with the Ball Jars that come with the spaghetti sauce.

dresserWhile contemplating all this minimalism and trying to do something about it before i have an entirely new place to fill up with crap. I am trying to create a mental picture that will give me some new ‘rules of acquisition’ not the Ferengi kind, but my own sort, that tells me what sort of things i can buy and more importantly what i shouldn’t. Wherever possible avoid buying plastic…(electronics and devices are exempt of course) buy the most basic sort of whatever it is,

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(which is what i have already been doing – knives and graters, not food processors etc) , buy plain unfinished furniture (when i finally get all the pieces i need in can decide on a stain), – i have a weird theory about furnishing the new house, the same way it would have been furnished in 1869, only the needed pieces and the simpler and smaller the better. Unlike decorating the place with antiques, i can add new furniture of the same quality. After all, antiques weren’t always antiques, they had to be new once.

Well that’s the plan – in the end, it is keeping me from doing a lot of mental window shopping. As i mentioned i’m not going to have scads of cash to work with, i need to find a rule of thumb to live by, that will allow me to furnish a house and not have it look like I’m a college student decorating with curbside castoffs. You really can only pull off shabby chic in rooms you don’t use everyday – otherwise it’s just shabby.

I GET that what i am writing about is insanely boring and not in the least bit humorous…but right now we are in a serious holding pattern, waiting for some sort of forward momentum. If i don’t busy myself with asinine things like what sort of junque to buy, i will just sit with my head in my hands trying to remember WHY i decided to sell my home to begin with.


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