less upper, more fixer

I am spending a lot of time lost up inside my head grinding my teeth, days and days in fact.  We’ve shown the house about 20 times in the last three weeks, and the 1st drop in price is just ahead of us.  The feedback is that we are asking too much for a giant fixer upper.  Which leads to the teeth grinding…. because my asshole brother was a terrible at maintenance…the house is a little shabbier than anyone is happy with, especially me.

Essentially if i had KNOW there were water stains here and there,  AND if i had the ability to buy paint and paper, i would have FUCKING FIXED IT.  Instead every time i show the house, it is one long exercise in embarrassment.  Basically someone is out there waiting for us to drop the price.  I know it, they know it, we all know it.  The problem lies when we drop it to a point where MY PORTION, is not enough to buy a fixer upper in my price range.   Face it, if i don’t move someplace AS GOOD OR BETTER, than what the hell am i doing selling to begin with.  This is one of the major reasons i have been holding on for dear life.  Left to my own devices, I will be living in a shitty double wide someplace unmentionable.

16-pellet-stoveIt’s not quiet up there inside my head, it’s very messy with lots to keep me busy.  Imagine a large desk with a bunch of books and plans splayed all over the place.  My unpleasant conclusion is that I won’t be winning the lottery and that my seriously reduced portion won’t go as far as previously planned.  It goes without saying anything i buy is going to be a fixer upper, the trick will be figuring out which parts I need to fix and what parts I can turn a blind eye to for a while.  I will also have to hit the ground running with any ideas for improvements on my income.

As for the little red house, the roof is smaller than ideal for fully covering my energy needs with Solar power, although I will be adding a roofed south facing screen porch…that’s a must have regardless of the condition of the rest of the house.  I have my eye on a Thelin little parlor pellet stoves to augment my heat.  From what i have been told by friends, pellets are a viable alternative for heating small areas.   Coming around again back to the benefits of buying a small house.

IMG_0245-533x400A screened / three season porch is unavoidable.  I am losing my giant brick screen porch here, and though I  only use it sparingly here in summer, the cats use it 3/4s of the year or more which gets them out of my hair and house.  By adding wooden storm & screen windows from the out of Manchester, I am increasing the living space with area i won’t have to heat.  Very helpful people, they said they will build to suit, including using pet screening and making matching doors.   They aren’t cheap, about $380 each, but with the view from the little red house, a porch like that will be the most used room in the house.

I am waffling between how quickly I want to sell this house, so I can start negotiations on THAT house, with how much money i will be losing by dropping the price on this one.  Essentially i am losing a third of every dollar, so dropping it 20k, means a loss of about 7k to me… seriously NOT a problem at this point.  The sooner i can negotiate with the bank that owns little red, the less i will have to pay for it and the more i can invest in fixing it.   If things drag on until it gets listed all proper with a broker and such, i will have to offer the going rate in order to secure the sale.  I really don’t want any other house right now.  For what i can pay for any house, i will never get anywhere near the water in a nice neighborhood.  Sure i can get a bigger house and a bigger lot in another town, but i don’t need more than i can care for, i’m not getting younger and i need the time to actually WORK on money making schemes.  And i can certainly find a house which will generate more solar power…that one with the attached carriage house is still a backup house, but i can just cut back on how much power i actually need to compensate.

I ran the little red house past the Solar Power installation company, they pointed out the lack of south facing roof, but on the other hand, they will be able remove the boiler and burner in the basement too.   Not the oil tank apparently.  I am sure there are licensed folk to pull that out too.  Seeing as how the interior of this house only exists INSIDE MY BRAIN, i am making a lot of assumptions.  I am assuming it has a cement floor and everything is less than clean, including lots of carbon and residue on the stone walls.   To keep the rest of the little house from getting overly cluttered….like where i live NOW…. i will need to reclaim the basement space, from years of general New England Basement syndrome.  Especially since it has a lovely little back entrance, ideal for bringing in deliveries, of product and packaging.  I will call the local Servpro folks to pressure wash the entire basement and then white wash the walls.  Not knowing what we will have to deal with seasonally, I don’t need it dry wall finished, just rough framed with a raised floor and some 2×4 upright framing.  JUST enough for me to build my own shelves and work benches to suit.  Basically mimicking the laundry room i have now, cept without the dry wall.  If i need a ‘WALL’, I can throw up a piece of plywood or pegboard.   This is ALL assuming that the basement is your typical New England Basement to start with.

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