let it snø

It snowed…a lot for this early in the year….a hell of a lot for October. A good portion of the city was without of power today…i am spoiled i was only without my internet. But I made do with a lot of old movies..Roger Corman’s the Raven, Val Lewton’s Leopard Man, Bride of Frankenstein….that sort of thing. I didn’t shovel, I was cowardly, i just hid in my house waiting for it all to melt away. I did make another Kiva.org loan to ease my conscience.

If i HAD had the internet which obviously have it now, i would have been streaming Dead Snow and Trollhunter from Netflix. The Scandinavians have been blessing us with a bunch of chilly horror flicks lately all completely watchable, for my annual self indulgent trick or treat i ordered Rare Exports another installment in the scary bloody fun in the snø marathon.

Now that the internet is back on, i stopped cleaning the house and went back to wasting time cruising the internet.

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