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What’s Better? His Empty Suit or Her Baggage? by MAUREEN DOWD

There’s only one reason I continue to brave Washington’s dreary formal press dinners, which are so calcified they’re a bad cross between a zombie movie and those little Mexican Day of the Dead sculptures.

I find it highly instructive to hear politicians make humor speeches. It’s difficult, and few pols do it well.

It took Bill Clinton almost two terms to make a funny speech. He kept letting a petulant tone creep in. Even though W. would probably rather spend the night in Baghdad than go to a banquet, way past his bedtime, where he’s getting lampooned by reporters still able to drink, he was a master right from the start.

Lynne Cheney is a practiced speaker, but a bit tone-deaf on humor. At the Gridiron dinner here on Saturday, she said of her husband: “He has a great sense of humor. Just the other day I asked him, ‘Do you know how many terrorists it takes to paint a wall?’ And he answered right back, ‘It depends on how hard you throw them.’ ”

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  1. Colonel Colonel March 19, 2006 at 8:00 am #

    Not even the Democrats are stupid enough to nominate Hilary.

    It’ll be ok- she’s spent so much time positioning herself to the rightward of every other potential Democrat she can find that she’s become Joe Lieberman in a skirt.

    I will not worry about Hilary.
    I will not worry about Hilary.
    I will not worry about Hilary…

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