let me count the ways

I love this piece of software…no really I do, no shit, really.

I have been using .

It’s a small flexible database program that works as an elaborate upgrade on the old Windows Cardfile program. The sidebar index, brings up the corresponding ‘card’ and the cards can contain images, tables, html, text, phone numbers that can be dialed, I could go on…it has many features i haven’t even found yet. they have recently add ICONS, hee hee. Best of all the program itself is TINY. this is important, it fits on the corner of a thumb drive and can be stuffed on a SD card. whatever.

I open a file for every project I have going on and use it to take notes, and manage data. It would kick as a customer wants manager. It is so flexible I am sure you can find SOME use for it, perfect for catalogs, cookbooks and reference material. It can be downloaded and test driven for free..let me read that again….you can TRY IT FOR FREE.

Basically it’s the best piece of $19 software you will ever buy. And having a new version of it to play with through the holidays makes me happy.

Azzcardfile homepage.

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