Let there be light and buckshot

Originally uploaded by jgodsey.

I finally moved to the photo stage of this insurance job.
I find that the bidirectional lights work well, but without photoflood bulbs I get an unnatural blue tinge – that sends me back to Photoshop.

Not to mention I could use a new camera, i KNOW there is something wrong with the light sensor on my Nikon Coolpix. It keeps over lighting subjects in low light, and I ALWAYS have to adjust my white balance. (think that’s a good rationalization to buy a new one? or am I just lazy?)

Note the bookweights in the picture – there are the ones I made in the video. They are made of lead shot, but since they aren’t coated I had to put them in plastic first. However I found a new guns and ammo store the other day, hopefully they will stock the ceramic covered lead I need.

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