libel tourist

This comes under the heading of WTF?

US academic Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote a book called Funding Evil was published only in America, which gave weight to the suspicion that a Saudi sheikh may have bank-rolled al-Qaeda. [actually I file that under no-shit-sherlock, but I digress. ] In turn Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz sued her in a LONDON court for defamation, that’s right Mr Wealthy no flies on me is a veteran gamesman at playing the British courts anti-slander regs like McEnroe at a chalkline. He and his sons have managed to intimidate so many people with this malarky that he publishes all the official apologies on his website. So far, he has managed to convince an obviously deluded British court to fine Ehrenfeld £30,000 for their 23 copies of her book that found their way on to UK soil. Dr Ehrenfeld’s court brief describes the Saudi as a “serial libel tourist” which I think is putting it mildly. So now, this American writer has to shell out big bucks for US attorneys to point out the obvious, she is an AMERICAN, on American soil, exercising her right to free speech, so there. I am really getting sick of these arseheads who intimidate people by drowning them in legal fees until they give up their opposition – wait wait…I smell a Bush/Cheney story in here about the Sauds . . no nevermind it’s gone, it reared its head and went back into its bunker for the next 432 days.

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