library thing

okay so i discovered this website
i guess people use it to share their collections..since my collection is exstensive and full of shite. i on the other hand will use it for something else.
once you create a database of titles whether tagged or not
you can generate a ‘widget’ javascript plugin that will rotate titles
AND WILL LINK THEM TO YOUR Amazon associates account

basically it looks like that with your account info inserted

“< language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="" reporton=" &show="random&header="&num="">&covers=medium&text=none
&tag=alltags&amazonassoc= &css=1&style=4&version=1″ > “

i don’t expect to make money from this endeavor
but i really like discovering programing shit like this.

the titles on THIS sidebar, i either own or have read and they all have my sick sense of humor.

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