line by line

I had made up my mind to finish some of the ugly projects that i had put aside during the year.  By ugly i mean the ones that weren’t as much fun as others.  I did finish the proofing of the Phelps biography as tedious as it was, then i took up the History of the first congro church. which is a few houses away from me.  its an important book i do have to publish it. It covers the early period in town when it was a theocracy.

The author Dr. Hayward, godblessem, didn’t hire an editor and had a penchant for run on and fragmented sentences.  which was problematic enough…but there’s 30 pages of roster in the back which im still typing 900 lines left.

once thats done i can move on to other books.  hopefully more with my own name on them.

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