liqour, fireworks, and mosqitoes (was trucking fuck)

towtruck How bad is it that i HAVE images like this one in my harddrive? If i had thought about it, i could have taken this again yesterday etc… All the hours and miles I have burned on my truck for the US Census is coming back to bite me in the ass. If i sit down and did the math, between the gas, oil and repairs, no wonder i have no money and not made a dent in the utility bills. Over the last couple of weeks my mechanic has been chasing a problem with the ignition in my truck. I have been having to start it with a screw driver. And we knew what it wasnt… not the alternator, not the solonoid etc… ut was actually the shift cable as I discovered the other day… He rigged something temporary, and this  jerry rig gave out yesterday between the laundromat and the thrift store.

I had picked up a new featherbed at the Thriftstore and had squished it down into the passenger seat with the laundry…as i drove out of the lot it inflated like an errant life raft blocking my side vision, causing me to immediately pull into the Target parking lot. I jumped out with the intention of putting the feather monster into the bed of the truck. but it was still moving… I climbed back in and jammed my foot down on the brake. where it stayed for the next hour and a half while i waited for Triple A to come and claim me.

So, I am sitting in the truck cab, with no fan, no a/c in the roadway of the Target parking lot – all the while with my foot holding the truck in place. Mentally i was going through everything in my truck weighing its possibility as a chalk and how fast it would take me to get the item and put it behind the wheel before it rolled backwards any further. MEANWHILE, as I sit there my brain boiling and my facemelting, my cellphone battery draining away, I am getting dirty looks from nearly every driver, and every so often a helpful white trash asshat would scream at me…”not a parking space, asshole!” After the 1st hearty relief “Fuck You!” i lost heart to even defend my helpless self. Like a tortoise in a roadway. Do they think I WANTED to be there? Even as a quickie parking spot it left much to be desired. If i had my druthers I would have choosen a spot under a tree. I would have at the minimum been in the fire lane.

The tow kid was clever and helpful enough to crawl under the truck and move the gear from park to drive, allowing me to start the truck and escape to the garage. My mechanic spent the next few hours ‘fixing’ fixing it with the correct part. He’s one of those guys who lets me slide until the next payday, but i went through the dirty clothes pockets and found him a decent downpayment, cause i hate owing money to actual people. But I got it back in time for me to get to the vet clinic’s cookout in time for liqour, fireworks, and mosqitoes.

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