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Lookitthat, I had a sale…color me shocked and amazed “hey guys, we can eat meat for thanksgiving!” . . . . I sold the Complete Run of Tightwad Gazette listing off (neé which is a damn fine listing site. I only visit Ebay now when I need something more supply oriented…envelopes, pens, etc…where buying it off Amazon would have cost prohibitive shipping charges, you can root around ebay and find someone NOT a pirate..but so far Bonanza/le doesn’t have a lot of the crap off the back of the truck merchandisers that Ebay attracts. Bonanza’s site database application is awesome and integrates many social networking features, as well as other very flexible selling applications…you can actually import your listings from ebay and then export them again to shit.

Speaking of craigslist, I got an offer for some video equipment this morning..lets see how that goes. Selling on Craigslist is a little tedious, each posting will attract a bunch of spam emails, and then if you FIND a customer willing to trade money for stuff, you have to make a date and wait around for them to show up. and Sometimes they DO. Having a barn and a pickup truck allows me to pick up donated items and try to turn them into cash for the rescue group…or myself when the opportunity presents. Last year we acquired some video equipment from a school system and I have been waiting for someone to WANT it for a reasonable sale price..which means, “NO, I am not accepting your offer of 50 bucks for 500 bucks worth of equipment”. Today’s offer is $200 which is just dandy for me. My roommates being how they are, I have the equipment sitting on the floor at my computer technicians shop – and i’d like to get them outta there. Cross yerfingers.

update: I have the Downtown Association folks interested in the sign replacement, I am still waiting for the guestimate for the costs involved.   The IRS needs more info for the Rail Trail 501c3 application – and the legalese makes my brain bleed – I wish I was stupid.   I adore listening to podcasts on the Fuze – but i loathe earbuds, i need some that don’t hurt. I FINALLY arranged for a junk dealer to buy my other truck, though I wanted to put that money into the truck I  am driving now…but it looks like it will go to something frivolous like t-mobile and comcast. I installed a childproof lock on the linen closet, then affected a maniacal laugh knowing my roommates can’t get in there anymore.


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