living off scraps

I knew this would happen…I have 3 blogs going on and THIS is the one that gets skipped. I try to do the Bullpen blog in the morning and the Solo Life during the day…that leaves (sicpress) for evening….and last evening, i curled up in bed wit the last episodes of Due South S2 and a migraine. The Bullpen is designed purely as entertainment for the other members of the Bibliophile Mailing list. A list of dealers and collectors which I have been on since I have been on the internet… that’s like fitty years. And the one you are reading was designed purely to entertain MYSELF – so i got resentful. Everyone ELSE on the internet seems to be making money from it. So I figured out how to make money from blogging. Hopefully I have designed Solo Life well and if I spend every waking minute adding content to it, perhaps maybe I can use it to generate some ching. HEY…it COULD happen. One never knows with the internet.

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