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IMG_8888 Yesterday was ‘christmas’ with my friends in Goffstown…and for the last week i have been feeling extremely guilty about moving further away than i am already, from the few people in the universe who will be signing the reception book at my wake. Driving back and forth gave me plenty of time to reflect and masticate the numbers…but alas, though i CAN do the publishing gig from anywhere, the sales and marketing would be more difficult, just doing the research, vending the books, restocking them etc… it can’t be done well from a distance, and there is absolutely no tourism south of the New Hampshire’s Lake District and even above the Notches, the tourists are mostly regulars and the sales will be in the toilet. The Coast of Maine however gets a billion percent more visitors from everywhere, so economically it is a no brainer…and I am just sick to my ass of being poor, if there is a chance of purloining my thin talent into a regular paycheck, i have to try.

Worst luck is that the Boston Globe came up with this automated – Find your Dreamtown in Massachusetts app, And of course…When I did it, it came back with Greenfield straight away. Damn.

J2P and P2J Ver 1

Meanwhile, I have stopped whining and got off my ass about work. I think if I DIDN’T try moving to Maine, I would always feel it an opportunity lost. So I started working on Maine books to publish, starting with an 1886 Cookbook, and i have scrounged up a few histories and a couple of obscure biographies..so far only the cookbook will be a desirable seller. Of course i have spent at least $100 I shouldn’t have, ordering copies of books for which i can’t get find digital texts. And i have an eye on at least three books over $100 that i will buy at the 1st chance, i simply can’t reprint a book with illustrations unless i own the book. I need to make the best possible edition, or what’s the point? There are plenty of crap copies of books out there, i don’t need to make any more.

J2P and P2J Ver 1

The last two weeks while it seemed i couldn’t get out of my head…not concentrating on anything more than ripping audiobooks to my hard drive and making and eating ginger snaps. One of the voices kept pulling the covers over her head and won’t say anything more than “call me when it’s time to move”, the other voice is sitting in the corner obsessively stacking alphabet blocks in various permutations, over and over, often kicking them and stomping them into position…. What she has finally come up with is a slightly modified business plan for sicpress.com publishing.  Basically i need to produced 1-2 books a month for the next two years so that i will have enough to fill a wire spinny rack with 24 pockets. Starting with books linked to the Biddeford/Saco/Old Orchard Beach area, and then spiraling further outward gradually. I still haven’t found any software for managing location based book stock, and i still need to get some professional advice about vending contracts and returnables and the whole nine yards, no more making this shit up as i go. Ostensibly i will have a great deal of money to put into the business, if I need to have a piece of software actually written, i will need to do it. But all the money and effort I expend on a slick organization, will pay me back ten fold in the end. I truly believe in this book marketing scheme…get the books out to the people, if i fuck it up, i will fuck it up spectacularly.

This one is a bit of a challenge, the only pdf and Book on Demand copies out there, look like this.  Essentially i have to take each page and restore them like a photograph.  Every page, ever smudge…and if i sell a copy, i will earn 2.50  ooooh baby.   But i get to feel extra smug when i the book comes out of the box from the printer.  The only way that feeling gets better, if one of these days I finish writing one of the 3 unfinished books that live inside this computer.

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