loose ideas

I was reading the New York Times today . . . there was a time when I got four news papers delivered to my house every damn day. The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and the local paper that is so badly edited it will remain nameless, for a while I was in danger of becoming one of those recluse that get suffocated under tilted towers of string tied newspaper . . . where was I? Oh yeah reading the newspaper – ONLINE, I don’t get any delivered to the house anymore. Well, ones that I actually PAY for, I still get the free weeklies and monthlies that are automobile dealership ads disguised as newspapers . . . got sidetracked again didn’t I? . . . anyway in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine there is as yet ANOTHER travel piece about literary New York, which is all well and good for people who live within a half a tank of gas of Gotham City, but for some of us, going to New York is just not as much fun as it sounds. I have this vivid and terrible memory of one trip many years ago which left me broken down on the side of the road for many hours waiting for a tow truck, as the guys who serviced my Mustang before I left my little village had actually forgotten to recap my oil reservoir properly . . . but I digress yet again. Anyway, the piece today reminded me of a feature the NYT has buried in its site: The interactive Literary Map of Manhattan. Wouldn’t it be the balls if someone were to take GoogleMaps and do perhaps a Literary Map of the World? Not me of course . . . It’s just an idea.

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